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Opportunities at Waikowhai

Providing something for everyone's learning needs & interests ...

Using drama for written inspiration

Using drama for written inspiration

Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival

Special Education Needs

The goal at Waikowhai Intermediate is to ensure students with Special Education Needs receive the support they need by providing opportunities to enhance their learning through successful coordination of services, effective teaching practices, efficient and experienced support staff and engaging programmes that are meaningful and consist of well-scaffolded resources.  For more information on our programmes, please contact

Support Programmes - Literacy & Maths
It is the intention of Waikowhai Intermediate to provide all students with the opportunity to improve their literacy at their own level. Our support programmes offered are Rainbow Reading, Fast Forward, and Steps for Literacy. These programmes are based on research proven methodology and resources. Not only are the students motivated by the purposeful and engaging activities but they also gain confidence in their literacy abilities.

Rainbow Maths aims to support our learners who require an extra boost with their Numeracy skills.   With a focus on number knowledge, the activities are hands-on and engaging.

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
At Waikowhai Intermediate, the ESOL course is designed to equip students from diverse language backgrounds with skills to participate successfully in a mainstream classroom and learn about our way of life in New Zealand. ESOL students participate in a variety of programmes such as Self-Pacing Boxes, Raz-Kids Reading, Rainbow Reading, Steps for Literacy and ESOL Classes.

Active Life
Active Life is a tailored programme run by the Salvation Army that provides support for young youth and youth at risk.  The team is headed by Michael Smith who has been part of the Waikowhai Intermediate community for the past 8 years, and includes ex-students of Waikowhai.  Active Life works alongside teachers to identify students who are potential leaders and supports the student's growth throughout their time at intermediate and college.  They also assist with youth at risk who require guidance and support to foster their growth both socially and academically.  Michael and his team run mentoring programmes every Friday for boys and have recently opened up to girls in 2015.   They have been very successful and continue to support Waikowhai students with school trips, camps, coaching and in class tutoring.  They are based at the Rec Youth Development Trust located in Dominion Road Extn, Mt Roskill.
For more information about this programme, please contact

Trees for Survival
Waikowhai Intermediate is a partner in the Trees for Survival nationwide charitable trust, an environmental education programme. Our students have hands-on experience growing and planting native plants to help restore natural habitats. During the year, the students visit a landowner’s property to plant out the trees they have been nurturing, and to see how the previous plantings have matured and helped with erosion, water quality and biodiversity. 
If you would like more information, please contact

Extension Opportunities


In Robotics, students have an opportunity to work collaboratively, explore, problem-solve and above all, develop perseverance skills when faced with challenges. They learn basic computer programming skills, develop an understanding of the principles of physics and implement engineering concepts when creating their robot.  Check out the Robotics page!


Masterchef is a group of approximately 12 students, who are given the opportunity to further develop their cooking skills after having completed a Food Technology rotation.  Students follow an applications process, and after a certain period of time, the group changes to give others a chance to participate in this very popular class.


Masterchef allows students to cook by themselves, with different buddies, under pressure and in competitive situations. They also get the chance to cook a variety of foods using ingredients that they select themselves, using recipes they create themselves or research and find from different websites.


Many students from this group are encouraged to further develop their skills in Food Technology to the next level at high school, or as a career.

Satellite Units

Carlson School
Waikōwhai Intermediate hosts one of the satellite classes for the Central Auckland Specialist School (CASS), where we are able to provide an environment in which students can be socialised and participate in school life alongside their mainstream peers.  The students and staff are part of our roopu, school assemblies and buddy support, as well as integration through our specialist lessons such as Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Science.


Developing Lifelong Learners

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