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At Waikowhai we have a proud history of assisting students from around the world to study and learn while being immersed in a non-threatening environment where they feel welcome. Waikowhai Intermediate has highly qualified teachers who willingly assist our International Students learn English in a range of academic programmes.  All International Students are encouraged to participate alongside their kiwi friends in all experiences from camps to sports teams to music and culture.  Therefore ensuring that they form lifelong friendships and gain a true New Zealand style of education. 

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Rainbow Reading and Fast Forward 레인보우 읽기

Rainbow Reading and Fast Forward programmes have books which are levelled, colour coded, and are accompanied by a specially recorded CD to provide support for readers. Assessment sheets feature the titles of the books presented for teachers to take Running Records to monitor progress. Cloze (Text Completion), Text Sequencing, Word Search, Writing and Dice Game sheets provide meaningful text-related activities. Students complete these tasks during Reading in their home classroom.

‘Rainbow Reading’ 과 ‘Fast Forward’ 프로그램은 난이도에 따라 다른  레벨과 색상으로 분류되어 있으며 사용자의 학습을 돕는 CD가 공급됩니다. 교사가 학생들의 학습 진행 상황을 컴퓨터를 통해 확인할 수 있도록 평가지에는 도서명이 나타나며, ‘Cloze(문단 완성하기)’, ‘문단 잇기’, ‘단어 찾기’, ‘쓰기’와 ‘주사위 게임’등의 평가지는 책의 본문과 관련된 중요한 액티버티를 공급합니다. 학생들은 교실에서 리딩을 하는 동안 위의 프로그램을 완수해야 합니다.

ESOL (영어를 모국어로 하지 않은 학생을 위한 영어 수업)

Small group lessons focusing on Literacy skills.  Emphasis on Reading, writing, speaking and listening to English through different mediums.

소 그룹으로 구성되며 영어를 읽고 쓰는 기술(Literacy skills)에 초점을 맞춰 다양한 방식을 통한 영어의 읽기, 쓰기, 말하기와 듣기에 주력합니다.

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