The daily life of students at Waikowhai Intermediate School is coordinated by the

organisation of several clear and interdependent beliefs.

  • School is a safe and happy place. That every student has the right to ‘be themselves’
    and to be respected by other people within the school. All cultures are welcomed
    and celebrated.  Strong relationships exist between all people within the school.

  • Intermediate Schools work with emerging adolescent students, children at a
    particular age and stage of their personal development. Therefore our programmes
    must reflect this through a strong core curriculum, supported by a breadth of new opportunities.

  • Learning programmes are designed in response to accurate data collection and that the learner is informed and is central to the learning process. Learning Maps are a key part of this data collection.

  • School and the family are strongly linked.

  • The expectation across all aspects of school life is high for all students. To support students with this we provide the very best teachers and resources, including one-to-one Chromebook computers in all rooms.


Above all we desire that students enjoy school, that school is a place of friendship, fun, hard work and new experiences.

David King


Waifest:  What an amazing evening!  The food was delicious, the performances were amazing, and the sun even appeared!  Thank you to everyone who supported our evening.

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Keen to know a little more about what your child does online?  And maybe get a few tips on how to manage screen time?  Come to our FREE community event, 'Tackling Technology' (presented by The Parenting Place), to learn more!

WHEN:  Thursday, 8 April @7pm

WHERE:  Waikowhai school hall

Call us:  (09) 621 0460  /  Waikowhai Intermediate School  /  2021

Pom Pom Tree - Mental Health Awareness Week activity