Specialist Classes

Every week, for one half day, students leave their homeroom class to experience our Specialist subjects. These include: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design Technology, Food Technology (Y8 only) and Languages (Y7 only). Students spend approximately 10 weeks at one rotation before moving onto the next. By the end of the school year, all students will have rotated through each Specialist area.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Waikōwhai is about students being active risk takers. The arts curriculum supports inquiry learning where students are encouraged to ‘think outside of the box’ and engage with possibly unexpected outcomes or uncover several solutions to a problem.  Arts learners develop practical skills and knowledge through the opportunity to develop their creativity and critical thinking.

For more information about our Visual Arts programme at Wai, contact Laura Kuggeleijn: kuggeleijn@wai-int.school.nz

Performing Arts

At Waikōwhai, Performing Arts is a place for students to grow in confidence, take on risks to explore, challenge, and celebrate unique artistic expressions of self. The performing arts programme offers students Dance and Drama, as well as exciting opportunities to join a wide variety of extension and interest groups that focus on music, dance, culture and performance. Students discover how to link their creative ideas, imagination, thoughts and feelings through their developed practical skills and knowledge of the performing arts.

For more information about our Performing Arts programme, contact Matt Tabrum: tabrum@wai-int.school.nz

Design Technology

In Design Technology students are challenged to think outside the box and use their creativity when completing design challenges. They trial and create potential solutions to these problems by putting their innovative ideas into practice. Students learn about and work with a variety of materials, working towards a tangible outcome.  

For more information about our Design Technology programme at Wai, contact Sacha de Graaf: degraaf@wai-int.school.nz

Food Technology

Food Technology is fun and exciting, and is part of our Year 8 Specialist programme. The students gain an understanding of how to prepare and cook nutritious meals on a budget and develop healthy habits for life. Many students arrive having never been a part of the cooking process in their homes. They leave with a greater knowledge of foods  and confidence to plan, prepare and cook for a family.  

For more information on our Food Technology programme at Wai, contact Rhonda Moir: moir@wai-int.school.nz


Languages are taught as part of the Year 7 specialist rotation, while Year 8s have the opportunity to take a language extension class (provide link). Students will learn either Mandarin Chinese or Japanese, immersing in both the language and culture of China or Japan. Using a variety of activities including speaking games and tasks as well as hands-on activities, students gain language skills that promote neural connections in the brain and rich opportunities to deepen cultural knowledge and awareness.

For more information about our Languages programme at Wai, contact Julie Collard: collard@wai-int.school.nz