Classroom Programmes

In our classroom programmes, we strive to achieve a balance between what to learn and how to learn


The mathematics and statistics learning areas have been refreshed as part of Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed New Zealand curriculum. While the expectation is for schools and kura to be using it from the start of 2025, we’re getting a headstart at Wai, and shaping our Maths programme a little differently this year. The new practice challenges teachers to build their programme from tasks that are rich, relevant, and attainable to all students, no matter the entry point of each student. From the initial exploration, the teachers will run workshops that align with the ‘big ideas’ of the problem to support those who may have gaps in their knowledge. The aim of this pedagogical shift is to engage students in their learning, differently: to promote problem solving and perseverance to tasks that will lift all students' achievement.

For more information about our Mathematics programme, contact Jenni Rodan at:

Te Reo Māori

Te Reo Māori is taught across the school with various cultural and language activities including learning waiata at music assemblies, saying a karakia at the start of every school day, and taking part in powhiri. 

For more information about our Te Reo Māori programme, contact Timena Muna at:


At Waikōwhai Intermediate it is our goal that every child will be motivated and engaged in all things literacy, developing strengths in literacy in order to take part in day-to-day life. Therefore, our programmes include; differentiated instruction, a range of teaching strategies, authentic learning contexts, evidenced-based targeted support, collaborative opportunities, use of thinking tools and IT. Learning Maps are fully utilised and literacy goals are shared with reflections gathered and acted upon. We aim for a well-balanced, consistent approach  to the teaching of Literacy at Waikōwhai.

For more information about our Literacy programme, contact Leanne Smith at:

ANZ Histories / Social Science

At Waikōwhai, we hold a deep commitment to encouraging a sense of identity and belonging within our students. We believe that understanding our roots and ties to our whenua nurtures these aspects of personal growth. In our Aotearoa New Zealand Histories unit, we encourage our ākonga to explore the stories behind our local community to foster a sense of belonging and connection. We focus on important historical events that have shaped Aotearoa and aim to create an understanding of where we stand amongst tangata whenua. 


Students have natural curiosity and wonder and at Waikōwhai we try to foster this through Science. We demystify their misconceptions and develop scientific thinking skills that make the students question the world around them. Science is taught through inclusive programmes delivered by classroom teachers. Our Science programmes are inquiry-based and follow the Spiral of Inquiry process. Developments can be established from their WaiProfiles and extended through the knowledge and understanding they gain in the in class Science programme. Students are engaged and motivated through a range of concepts relative to this point in their lives.

For more information about our Science programme, contact Sacha de Graaf at: 

For more information about our Science programme, contact Sacha de Graaf at:

Exams & Competitions

At Waikōwhai Intermediate, we aim to provide our students with opportunities that challenge their skills, and test their knowledge in avenues outside of the classroom programme.  Some of these opportunities include: