The WaiProfile


At Waikōwhai Intermediate, we take pride in challenging our students to take ownership of their learning. 


The WaiProfile is the driving tool used to help our learners develop their abilities in our school values of Ako, Manaakitanga and Māia. Throughout their time at Waikōwhai Intermediate, students will demonstrate their skills in the WaiProfile through a learner website, which displays their evidence of experiences that have helped them to develop the Wai Way. They will frequently set developments and reflect on these to become a future-focused individual. Students navigate their way through the WaiProfile using their Learning Map, which represents the network of students, family-whānau and communities, to make positive and personal changes towards these goals.

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Learning Maps


Learning Maps are the springboard tool that then drives WaiProfile.  We use Learning Maps to gain a unique insight into how our students learn best and adjust our teaching practice accordingly to suit these needs. It involves the students’ mapping of their learning environment and collaboration within networks of students, family-whānau and teachers to make positive changes. Learning Maps aid in the process of goal setting and help our students understand themselves as learners

Students are encouraged to think about the PEOPLE (‘Who plays a role in your learning?’), TOOLS (‘What tools help you learn?’) and SITES (‘What places help you learn?’) that are present in their learning. Arrows are used to indicate the interaction, as per the diagram to the right.