Our Board employs a counsellor to support students on-site at our school Mondays to Thursdays. We also often have placement counsellors from the University of Auckland Master of Counselling programme – typically, these are experienced teachers who are retraining as counsellors. 


A counsellor comes alongside someone who is having a hard time and supports them to bring about change in their lives. Counselling includes helping clients to develop insight around what’s happening for them and what they need; encouraging them to use their inner-resources; perhaps helping them to learn some skills or strategies to tackle things in a different way than they’ve tried before; and, where appropriate, weaving other people into a support network around the client.

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Our School Counsellor

Our school counsellor is Kirsten Malcolm. She is at our school Mondays – Thursdays. Kirsten has been an intermediate and primary school teacher in the past as well as a lecturer in mathematics education at university. She has a Master of Counselling with First Class Honours, and alongside her work at Waikōwhai Intermediate, she tutors in the postgraduate counselling programme at the University of Auckland. 


Kirsten’s counselling style is person-centred, seeking to accompany and equip clients as they navigate whatever issues they may be facing. She uses a wide range of approaches, including Narrative Therapy and Sand Tray.

Accessing Counselling

Students are able to request counselling support by putting a note in the counsellor post-box in the front office or by emailing Kirsten. Students’ work with their counsellor is confidential, however if we are concerned for their safety or wellbeing we would always contact a parent or caregiver. 


You can request counselling for your child by emailing Kirsten, putting a note in the counsellor post-box at the front office or by asking your child’s class teacher. Counselling can only be effective when the person wants to engage in it, so please talk with your child and get their permission before referring them.  


Kirsten can also help you connect with other therapy services, such as family counselling.