Wellbeing at Wai

Attention to wellbeing / hauora underpins everything else we do at Waikōwhai Intermediate; our students need to feel connected and healthy to do well in their learning. 


Te Whare Tapa Whā model of hauora reminds us that our wellbeing is multi-dimensional. 

It is important that home and school work in partnership to support students’ wellbeing. Please let your child’s class teacher know if there are have been any changes in your child’s wellbeing or incidents that we should be aware of, so that we can work together to support them. 


These are some of the things we have in place at Waikōwhai to foster wellbeing:

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Our wellbeing is a bit like the parts of a wharenui, built on the strong foundation of connection to the Earth.  When all four sides are strong and in balance, that is great for our wellbeing and hauora.

When one or more of the sides is out of balance or we feel disconnected that makes it hard.

Meet Milo!

Introducing Milo, a Labrador x Golden Retriever from Mobility Dogs, who will be turning 2 years old in May. Milo has a full-time placement at Waikōwhai and is the first ever Therapy Dog to be placed in a school setting from Mobility Dogs. 

Milo works alongside three of our Teacher Aides, to support students in a small group, or in one-on-one situations. Milo’s job will be to enhance the job that our Teacher Aides already do, providing support to children with their well-being, to regulate their emotions and focus on their learning. Dogs are already in some schools where children read to them, which has proven to be very effective. 

Outside of work, Milo lives with Mr. Andy Swan, our Room 15 classroom teacher. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the role that Milo plays at Waikōwhai, please contact the Principal, David King, at: dking@wai-int.school.nz