Central Zone Sports

At a Central Zone level, we are able to compete against 25 schools in our area in a wide variety of sports. These sports are listed to the right.

These sports are held on a separate single day throughout the year. Each sport has a different composition when it comes to tournament divisions. 

For the most part, each sport is separated by gender but on some occasions this can be year group specific as well.  To be selected for these teams students are observed over several trials and once the teams are selected, practices are held up to the day of the event. Teams are selected based on the students' ability and attitude. Generally, the team that wins the tournament goes on to represent Central Zone at the Interzone level, where the successful team goes up against the winners of the other 9 Zones.

As a member of the Central Zone Organisation the students, coaches, supporters and officials are bound by the Code of Conduct for Sports Events and the link to this can be found here (Code of Conduct for Sports Events)

Outside of Central Zone we also have two sports that are involved in weekly competitions. These are Waterpolo, and Netball.  We are aware that some of our students have sporting talents that aren’t covered by Central Zone and we are very willing to help in any way to encourage and support any sporting endeavours that these students undertake.


At Waikōwhai, we take great pride in our sporting teams and have typically punched well above our weight and enjoyed great successes. Sport is an integral part of our Waikōwhai community and we welcome everyone to give it a go and try out for any teams regardless of ability.

For more information, please contact our Sports Coordinator, Wesley Leaga-Mini at: wesley@wai-int.school.nz