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Classroom Programmes



Mathematics, formally defined as ‘the science of numbers’, is all around us, and is an important part of nearly everything we do - however is rarely regarded as such by many!  At Waikowhai Intermediate, our classroom programmes encompass a wide range of Mathematical opportunities that not only cater to the students’ learning needs and interests, but involve examples that are relatable to the world they live in.    


Maths Buddy is an online programme that we subscribe to as a school, which is a terrific tool to support the students’ learning in all avenues of Mathematics and ranges in levels from Year 1 to NCEA Level 3.  There is a narrated video available for every lesson, at every level, as well as corresponding tasks to consolidate the students’ learning.  Please visit for more information.

For more information on our Maths Programme at Wai, contact:


At Waikowhai Intermediate it is our goal that every child will be motivated and engaged in all things literacy, developing strengths in literacy in order to take part in day to day life. Therefore, our programmes will include; differentiated instruction, a range of teaching strategies, authentic learning contexts, evidenced based targeted support, collaborative opportunities, use of thinking tools and IT.  Learning Maps are fully utilised and literacy goals are shared with reflections gathered and acted upon. There will be a well balanced, consistent approach  to the teaching of Literacy.

For more information about our Literacy programme at Wai, contact


Students have natural curiosity and wonder and at Waikowhai we try to foster this through Science. We demystify their misconceptions and develop scientific thinking skills that make the students question the world around them. Science is taught through inclusive programmes delivered by classroom teachers, those that have a strong affinity for Science have the opportunity to be involved in an extension programme. Our Science programmes are inquiry-based and follow our iWai5 process. Goals can be established from Learning Maps and extended through the knowledge and understanding they gain in the Science programme. Students are engaged and motivated through a range of concepts relative to this point in their lives.

For more information about our Science programme, contact

Exams & Competitions

At Waikowhai Intermediate, we aim to provide our students with opportunities that challenge their skills, and test their knowledge in avenues outside of the classroom programme.  Some of these opportunities include:

  • Nation-wide tests

    • Maths Otago Problem Solving Challenge (MOPS)

    • International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), which involve the following sub-tests:

      • Digital Technologies

      • Science

      • Maths

      • Reading

      • Writing

      • Spelling

    • Barfoot & Thompson Young Author Challenge

  • School-wide contests

    • Research/Writing-based tasks around cultural topics

Developing Lifelong Learners

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